Commercial Insurance

Insurance agent working on a commercial insurance claim.

Business insurance, like personal insurance, helps take care of the things you can’t plan for. This could include; a flood that wipes out your computer network or a customer who slips on the sidewalk outside of your office. Furthermore, a good business insurance portfolio allows your business to carry on, and even thrive, in the middle of adversity.

What is business insurance?

Commercial insurance is a term that refers to all the coverages that help to protect the continuity of your business. It can include fleet insurance for your sales team’s vehicle or your delivery vans; key employee insurance that will provide funds should the founder, president or other key employee die unexpectedly, leaving a void in the company; and liability coverage, for those accidents that occasionally happen, despite your best efforts to prevent them. In addition, we can provide coverage for farm businesses.

Why a good business insurance portfolio is important?

Benefits of a good commercial insurance portfolio is knowing that your company is protected from those things you can’t anticipate. In addition, business insurance keeps you in line with federal and state laws that require workman’s compensation, disability and liability insurance. Also, it gives you credibility with your customers and suppliers. This helps ensure that your business will continue to operate, no matter what the future has in store for it.

At Perry Insurance Group, we understand that no two businesses are alike. We take the time to sit down with you and learn about your business. Only then do we recommend any insurance products. After all, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend the same coverage for a farmer as we would for the owner of a small, burgeoning technology firm.

To learn more about what commercial insurance coverage is right for you, your company and your employees, and to schedule a free insurance review, contact our professional business insurance team. The Perry Insurance Group has been helping Midlands area business owners since 1998. We have four locations to best serve you and are also licensed in North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, Michigan and Virginia.