Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Mechanic repairman at the factory screws big bolt with large and heavy wrench key, holding it with both hands

Protect Your Business’ Interests with Equipment Breakdown Coverage at Affordable Rates with Professional Service

When you’ve worked hard to develop and grow your business, the last thing you need is to suffer economic hardships because of an equipment breakdown. Whether it’s your office computer being destroyed by an electrical shock or surge, or your production line shutting down because a key piece of equipment unexpectedly failed, this downtime costs your business money. Your workers still expect to be paid. Your bills need to be paid. It doesn’t matter that you can’t do business, you still have money flowing out of your company.

Equipment breakdown coverage can help protect your interests during this difficult time. At Perry Insurance Group, we can offer many types of commercial coverage to take care of breakdowns that arise from motor burnouts, electrical surges, boiler malfunctions and even operator error. It covers a wide range of technology, from refrigeration units in your grocery warehouse to all of the computers in your office.

Though your commercial property insurance may cover the equipment itself, will it cover losses due to medicine spoilage in a refrigeration unit, lost customer data from after the last backup, production line downtime and lost orders, closing the doors while awaiting repairs or similar expenses? Not usually. That’s one of the many benefits of equipment breakdown coverage – it covers the expenses that happen because of the breakdown, not just the equipment itself. It provides an extra buffer against hard times caused by problems with your equipment, making it easier to keep your business strong and growing.

Perry Insurance Group is Here for All of Your Equipment Breakdown Coverage

By having commercial equipment breakdown coverage in place at your business, you can protect against a wide range of financial losses that you may not have considered in the past. The experienced agents at Perry Insurance Group are ready to help, not just as your agents, but as your neighbors, volunteering their time in the greater Lexington area. Are you ready to make sure your business’ equipment and the related expenses of a breakdown are covered? Please feel free to contact us today to get a quote on adding or expanding your coverage.