Farm Insurance

People working on the farm, with crops.

Farm Insurance can be the lifeline that stands between you as a farmer and bankruptcy. After all, your farm is your business and livelihood, so one bad year can jeopardize everything for which you worked. Therefore, if you own and operate a farm, this is something you should obtain. Read on to learn more about its benefits:

The Most Common Types

There are three main types of coverage within the larger scope of farm insurance plans. They are as follows:

  • Crop Insurance: One aspect of most coverage for your crops. This can include plans that deal with only peril, protecting you against specific types of loss or damage. It can also include revenue plans. This is insurance against low market prices or low crop yield. There is also yield-based coverage. If your crop doesn’t yield as much as you expected, this will cover the difference.
  • Livestock Insurance: Livestock farming can be just as risky if not more so than crop farming. Livestock coverage effectively protects you from a yield reduction, like in the case of a dairy farm, or protects against livestock illness or death.
  • Property and Casualty Insurance: This insurance protects your farming equipment from vandalism or theft. It can also protect you if someone is injured on your property while working for you.

Subsidizes Make Farmer Insurance Even More Obtainable

There are many states that provide state-funded premium subsidies for farming insurance. This means the cost of procuring farm insurance will be offset somewhat by government subsidies. Of course, your farm’s location, production, insurance plans, risk tolerance and other factors will determine if you qualify for these subsidies.

Why You Need to Buy Farm Insurance

If you make your living or even subsidize your income through crop or livestock farming, you need to have farm insurance. Weather related problems, such as floods and hail can destroy your livelihood in mere moments. Farm Insurance is the protection against calamity that you need to ensure you don’t face financial ruin should the worst happen.

What Makes Perry Insurance Group The Best Choice For Farm Insurance?

At Perry Insurance Group, you get the benefit of the best plans at the most affordable rates. If you aren’t sure what type of farm insurance would work best for you, our experienced agents can put together a plan that will meet your individual needs. Contact us today to learn more.