Specialty Equipment Coverage

worker, operating drone

Specialty equipment can cost just as much, if not more, than the building that houses it. If you wouldn’t dream of allowing your place of business to go uninsured, why would you neglect to have specialty equipment insurance?

Perry Insurance Group is one of the most trusted names in the business when it comes to specialty equipment insurance, setting a higher standard for professional service, convenience, and affordability. Located in Lexington, SC, we serve the needs of clients in a variety of industries in nine different states across the country.

What is Specialty Equipment Coverage?

Specialty equipment coverage is a type of commercial insurance plan that protects expensive commercial assets. This includes everything from heavy equipment to drones to cameras. In addition, if any of your specialty equipment is lost, damaged, or destroyed, you can use your specialty equipment coverage to quickly and easily restore it. This allows you to get back to business as usual.

The Benefits of Specialty Equipment Coverage

Businesses with equipment protection have a significant competitive advantage for agricultural, construction, and material handling equipment dealers, as well as OEMs and financial institutions. Furthermore, each of our customized specialty equipment coverage solutions helps to minimize risk and provide a sense of security to both you and your customers.

Risks of Not Having Specialty Equipment Coverage

Especially for smaller to mid-sized businesses, damage or destruction of essential specialty equipment can drain your profits. It could also lead to lost productivity and a damaged reputation. For instance, if your equipment breaks, you may have to wait weeks to replace it (assuming you can afford to buy new equipment on the spot), resulting in slower business, angry customers, and frustrated employees. So, in order to compete, your business must be prepared for any and all disasters that might befall you.

Specialty Equipment Coverage protects your initial investment in your equipment, in addition to facilitating a swifter repair or replacement. As always, insurance effectively minimizes risk, allowing you to focus on the primary goal of expanding your business.

Our team of professionals at Perry Insurance Group can match you up with a customized specialty equipment insurance plan that covers all of your unique needs. So, contact one of our experienced and friendly agents today for more information about the best coverage options for you.