Workers Comp Insurance

Worker in metal industry factory.

Workers comp insurance protection, also known as workers compensation or WCI, offers protection to businesses and employees for medical expenses and lost wages due to job-related accidents, injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

While every state has specific laws and requirements for workers comp protection, most U.S. states require employers beyond the smallest businesses to provide this vital protection for their employees. Regardless of laws requiring it, however, it makes good business sense to provide this vital insurance protection.

Why Offer Workers Comp Protection to Employees?

Furthermore, WCI doesn’t eliminate all possibilities of lawsuits related to employee injuries, it does eliminate many of them.

It does this by providing a portion of lost wages to employees as they recover while also paying for the costs of their medical treatments, care, and rehabilitation in the aftermath of their injuries and illnesses.

Failing to provide your employees with state-mandated workers compensation insurance can lead to fines and possible imprisonment for business owners, along with the potential loss of rights to conduct business within your state. It is a serious offense in most states.

Getting the Right Protection for Your People

Taking care of your employees is one of the most important things you can do to keep your employees engaged, loyal, and productive. Preventable injuries and illnesses on-the-job are bad for business. Workers Comp coverage does more than provide financial protection for the people who work for you (and your organization). It also serves to encourage a safety focus for your entire business.

The fewer claims your business files, the safer the work conditions are considered to be, and the lower your WCI costs become. Your workers are protected when the unexpected occurs and your entire organization enjoys the morale bonuses and increased productivity fewer injuries delivers.

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