Homeowners Insurance

Delivering Protection for Your Home With Professional Service, Unbelievable Convenience and Affordable Rates

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You’ve found the perfect home, negotiated the sale and are ready to sign the paperwork. But have you protected your new investment and your financial situation from potential losses?

Homeowners insurance is vital to ensuring that you’re covered, whether it’s in case of an accident, storm damage or theft. By taking a few minutes to have a quote prepared that will cover your situation and circumstances, you can ensure that you have the coverage you need without overpaying for that coverage. Perry Insurance Group’s professional agents can help ensure that your assets are protected from loss, allowing you to rest easy in your new home.

You deserve to have that home defended against loss, whether it’s from a fire, lawsuit or other threat. We work with a number of providers to offer you the best possible protection in North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia and Texas. Perry Insurance Group’s helpful staff of award-winning experienced agents are ready to help you find the right solutions to protect your home and assets.

Why Choose Perry Insurance Group for your Homeowners Insurance?

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner in a starter home or are purchasing your dream retirement home on the coast, Perry Insurance Group can help ensure that you have the coverage you need to cover any potential losses at an affordable rate. We’ll work with you to develop a quote that will work for you based on your insurance and claim history, specific qualities of your home and your home’s location. We can even help you save money by bundling your policies or applying discounts to help you stay in budget. Our agents are more than just the people you talk to on the phone when you have an issue with your home. We’re your neighbors, volunteering in the Lexington area in a wide range of community outreach programs. When you find yourself in need, we’ll be by your side through the entire process, ensuring that you’re able to recover any lost value in your home from a wide range of potential threats. Please feel free to contact us today to get a quote started.