Recreational Vehicles

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Whether you use your recreational vehicles for a quick weekend getaway or for a second home for months out of the year, you want to make sure that if you have an accident, a fire or other incident that your home away from home can be repaired or replaced quickly. However, many recreational vehicle insurance policies only cover automotive basics, such as comprehensive, collision, medical payments, bodily injury liability, property damage and un- and under-insured motorist coverage. Surprisingly, there is much more that can be covered in your recreational vehicle policy.

How does RV insurance work?

Recreational vehicles insurance protects you, as an RV owner, from excessive out of pocket costs in the event of a loss. It could also cover you if you are at fault in an accident that causes bodily injury or property damage. It can also provide compensation for your costs if you have a breakdown. If you have a late-night fire while your RV is parked, does your insurance cover the cost of replacing your clothing, TV and appliances that were lost when the fire happened? If it needs to be towed to a repair facility, will your insurance cover the bill for a specialty wrecker? So, there are a lot of areas that may or may not be covered by your RV insurance policy.

For this reason, it’s important to have a policy that is focused specifically on the needs of RV owners. Perry Insurance Group understands these differences and offers exceptional coverage through a variety of providers. Whether you need basic coverage or extended options that better protect your assets. When you need RV insurance coverage that helps protect your traveling lifestyle, we are there for you. So, contact us today with any questions or for more details on our extensive RV coverage.