Auto Insurance

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Your vehicle is likely your most expensive purchase, second only to your home. Consequently, it’s important to have auto insurance to protect said purchase. It’s also required by law in all states, except New Hampshire and Virginia (though there are legal requirements in place of insurance demands). In addition to becoming compliant with state law, the following are reasons you need to procure auto insurance through us at Perry Insurance Group:

Reasons You Need Auto Insurance

  • To Protect Your Personal Finances: If you are at fault for an auto accident, you are responsible for all costs. This can include another individuals’ lost income compensation, medical expenses and even legal fees. If you don’t have at least basic liability coverage in place, and have adequate liability limits, you are expected to make these payments out of your own pocket. This can ruin you financially.
  • Meet Lease or Loan Requirements: If your vehicle is currently financed, you are often required to have comprehensive and collision coverage on your automobile. This protects the lienholder’s investment.
  • To Protect Your Vehicle From The Unexpected: Auto insurance doesn’t just protect you in the event of a vehicular accident, it can also protect you from unexpected natural occurrences. For example, what if you are caught in a sudden hailstorm that damages your car? If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, this could be covered totally or at least in part. Without collision and comprehensive coverage, you are expected to fix your car yourself, no matter what caused the damage.

Why You Should Get Auto Insurance From Perry Insurance Group

At Perry Insurance Group, we operate on a nationwide scale. This means we can provide you with the best policies at the most affordable rates. We also understand that your auto insurance requirements or preferences will be different from anyone else’s. That is why we ask you about the level of liability you are comfortable with and then create a policy just for you. This policy will incorporate the best collision and combination coverage to provide you with as much coverage as possible. We are also happy to find you any and all discounts for which you might qualify in order to reduce the cost of your insurance.

Your Next Step

Don’t wait another day to contact us at Perry Insurance Group to get auto insurance. We will give you peace of mind, knowing you are protected, no matter what happens to your vehicle.